Pasquale is a pop star.

Pasquale’s earliest memory is singing along to the Spice Girl’s breakthrough single “Wannabe” in the Georgia suburbs.

Pasquale’s first experience performing for others was in Immanuel Bible Church’s puppet ministry in Springfield, Virginia.

Pasquale studied ballet, contemporary dance, and African dance at The Alabama School of Fine Arts and the Alvin Ailey School in New York City.

Pasquale managed a bakery in the East Village.

Pasquale trained in Kung Fu, studied Gaga (the Lady) and Gaga (the movement language of Ohad Naharin), and played with avante-garde performance at The New School.

Pasquale spent four years in Atlanta as a full-time professional dancer somewhere in the midst of this. 

Pasquale made more performance and earned a MFA from Rutgers.

Pasquale has worked with and is inspired by artists, scholars, mystics, and pop stars.

Pasquale is an invitation: let’s move, sing, and be, together.